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Passwordless Login

Allow your customers to login without passwords

  • Authenticate identity online
  • Improve customer retention

Rapid Registration

Allow your customers to register in seconds

  • Reduce onboarding times
  • Improve conversion & acquisition

Identity Validation

Know that people are who they claim to be.

  • Use mobile biometrics to validate identity.
  • Authenticate data securely using device keys and digital signatures.


Maintain compliance with data protection laws.

  • Use Citizen to request, record and manage consumer consent.
  • Collect consent for payments and banking regulations.


Reduce customer disputes and chargebacks.

  • Prevent disputes by confirming recurring subscriptions.
  • Ensure terms are clear for the sale of digital goods.

Connected Data

Receive accurate personal data directly from the consumer.

  • Keep data up-to-date when customers change their phone number or address.
  • Seamlessly synchronise this data with your CRMs and other systems.